Uncommon Capital

Uncommon Capital

About Us

  • We're are former operators investing in operators.
  • We invest primarily in software companies from Pre-Seed to Series A, we specifically like B2B SaaS (especially in unique verticals), B2B2C SaaS, B2B marketplaces, consumer (non-social), developer tools, fintech, and crypto.
  • We are able to help founders at the day-to-day operational level with things like:
    • Product
      • How to know if you have product-market fit
      • When to hire product managers and how to structure a product organization
      • When to build a growth organization and how to manage it
      • How growth and marketing should work together
      • How to think about growth (incremental improvements) versus core product (step-change improvements)
    • Data
      • How to set up early metrics infrastructure that pays dividends later
      • How to get the most out of your data by integrating it with the rest of your organization (marketing and sales specifically)
    • Marketing
      • How to think about what marketing channels make the most sense for your business
      • How to test and develop marketing channels cost-effectively
      • When to think about making your first marketing hire and who to hire (marketing specialists versus generalists, growth marketing versus brand marketing, etc)
      • How to operationalize maximally effective, data-driven marketing
    • People
      • When to think about making your first people hire, and who you should hire (HRBP, People Ops, etc)
      • When to introduce more structure around people operations (recruiting processes, interview panels, leveling, promotions, compensation)
      • How to develop a high-performance culture
    • Engineering
      • How to hire great engineers that can scale
      • How to structure early engineering teams

Who We Are


Tikhon Bernstam - Managing Partner

Tikhon is the co-founder of Scribd and Parse (acquired by Facebook). He is an engineer and physicist by background, graduating in the top of his class at Dartmouth CS before dropping out of his physics PhD to start Scribd.

Tikhon helps portfolio companies with engineering hiring, engineering culture, fundraising strategy, and more.


Jamie Quint - General Partner

Jamie has 15 years of experience as one of the foremost/leading product growth practitioners in the valley. He is an engineer by training, and started his career as a startup founder, joining one of the first few Y Combinator classes in 2008. Since then, he has consulted on growth at breakout companies such as Twitch, Everlane, Mercury, and Substack. He has worked as a senior executive at Notion and Reddit, leading both growth and revenue.

Jamie helps portfolio companies with product focused growth, product strategy, product hiring, data infrastructure, performance marketing, lifecycle marketing, and more.


Select Companies

NameWebsiteInvested AtYear
Stealth Construction Industry SaaS
Stealth Restaurant Industry SaaS
Function of Beauty

🔥 Hiring

We are looking to hire a Principal. Ideally you:

  • Have previous operating experience at a high-growth company
  • Have a strong network that is non-overlapping with our own
  • Are broadly curious and well-researched about different markets and industries
  • Are self-sufficient and excel at working in a completely unstructured environment

It is a plus if you:

  • Have previous investing experience
  • Have a deep understanding of the Indian and/or LatAm startup ecosystems